The selection end point indicators are faint. Where is this changed?

These are default settings for BC Framer® software, but in MiTek Structure the end point indicators are faint and sometimes difficult to see.

In MiTek Structure or BC Framer navigate to: File > Setup > Program Settings.
In the upper right corner, search for the term "Closest".
On the left, from the navigation pane, select the result for: Color & Line Styles > Screen > Objects: System

The three settings to modify:

  • Selection, Closest Edge Line (Selected edges of Floor Containers and Area Loads.)
  • Selection, Closest End Line (Square box indicating the active end of member)
  • Selection, Closest End Point Line (End and middle grips for joists, beams and walls, etc.)


For each one of those System Objects, click on the drop down arrow to display the color properties.

Change the Line Color transparency to 75:
Set Line Weight to 2 or greater:


Change the Fill Color transparency to 170:

Click OK. Once your changes are complete, click OK out of the Program Settings dialog box.

(This was originally written for BC Framer version 8.2.0 because the default settings had been changed. Defaults for new installs was corrected in 8.2.1 and newer.)

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