Mapping the BC Connect project fields to a BC Framer layout sheet attribute

Adding a layout sheet attribute that shows BC Connect® software fields.
Open a BC Framer® software file that is associated to a BC Connect project.  If you already have an attribute on the layout sheet then you can modify it. If you don't you can insert an attribute.
Right-click on the attribute to "Edit Attribute" or right-click in a text box to "Insert Attribute".

The Edit Attribute box pops up. Browse to the Expression Category: Job Setting.
Then:  General > BC Connect® Job Information Annotation Properties > BC Connect® Job Information Annotation Properties.
Then choose the property you wish to display from BC Connect®. In this example, Project Number was selected.

Click OK.
The attribute should show the value from BC Connect if the project has data.  If you want this for future jobs you will need to save the layout sheet as a template.

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