Manually Creating Floor Zones During AutoFrame

Some floor containers do not separate into floor zones in a way that works well for the project. There is a way to manually create these during the AutoFrame process by changing a Program Setting.

Go to File > Setup > Program Settings > Floor AutoFrame > General.

Change the property: Allow Floor Zone Creation During AutoFrame from "No" to "Yes".

Click OK to save your changes.

Now go to the floor container you want to frame, and click Autoframe.

Instead of picking the zones, you are first prompted to "Left click to add new zone perimeter lines." (Or right click to accept current selection. Right click continues with the default process of selecting and framing system-generated zones.)


You can click on any line or shift-click to offset the new floor zone line. Right click when you are satisfied with the zones you created and then select and frame zones as required.


Autoframe is completed with your manually created floor zones.

Edit your framing as needed.


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