Creating Layout Sheet Sets for Specific Levels.

Follow these steps to add new layout sheets and tie them to specific levels for sheet sets:

  1. Set up a layout sheet for the lowest level the way you want Select the plan view port and select the visibility settings you want including the floor level.
  2. On the properties grid change the sheet name to reflect the level you are on, and any other items you want to be preset.
  3. In the Job Tree > Layout Sheets. Right-click the sheet and choose Save Layout Sheet as a Template.
  4. Repeat this for all levels you want to add to the sheet set.
  5. Go to BC Framer® File > Setup > Libraries > Layout Sheet Templates > Layout Sheet Sets.
  6. Right-click the set you want to modify and add either copy an existing sheet or add a new one.
  7. Select the Sheet Template drop down at the right, and choose the appropriate level-specific template.

To use sheet sets, you will have to modify the Layout Sheet(s) Default in Manage Job Defaults > Building Styles.

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