My Ribbons Icons are Hidden Unless Tab is Clicked. (Restore to Always be Visible - Maximize Ribbon)

Problem: The BC Framer® software Ribbon has been set to Minimized and won't stay visible.

Quick fix: Double-click on any of the tabs to toggle the ribbon view.

Method 1: To restore it to always display the icons:

1. Select any Ribbon tab. For example: Analysis and Design
2. Hover the cursor over any icon and Right Click to expose the context menu.
3. Select the Maximize the Ribbon line.


Method 2: To restore it to always display the icons:

In the upper Right hand corner of BC Framer there will be a set of Icons


The lower left-most icon in that group will be the either a caret or inverted caret symbol ( ^ or v ) which toggles the feature on or off.

If the icon shows is an inverted caret (v) then the ribbons will be hidden unless hovered over.



If the Icon shows a normal caret (^) then the Ribbons will display at all times.


Click on the icon to change it from hidden to always visible.

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