How can I reduce the time it takes to edit a member?

BC Framer® software version 8.3.1 includes a new modeling feature called Draft Mode. This feature allows for better performance when using large jobs by providing the user with control of when member connections are established. Once the designer completes a section, or the entire model, they can then turn Draft Mode off, and the program will then run through establishing connections throughout the model.

Speed up editing with these three tips. (The first two must be changed to see any improvement.)

  1. Turn off Design flags (Analysis and Design Indicators)
  2. Turn off Dynamic Material Lists
  3. Turn off the setting which automatically group tags members

Analysis and Design Indicators:
There is a Program Setting change that can have a positive impact on the time it takes to edit a member. This involves turning off the design flags. (Step 1)

Go to File > Setup > Program Settings... > Settings > View & Selection > Drawing > Draw Analysis and Design Indicators.

Change this value from "Yes" to "No", and go to step 2.

Dynamic Material Lists and Labels:
Go to Program Settings > General > Auto Preferences > Dynamic Material Lists. Change this from "Yes" to "No."
Click OK to save your changes.

You may manually refresh these lists by clicking the button just below - "Refresh Material Lists", or deleting and recreating the list.

Auto-Generate Group Labels:
Turn off the automatic generation of group tags. Job Properties > Job Settings > Labels > Labels: Group Label Settings

Labels - Group Labels > Auto Generate Group Labels - Change to "No".

You may have to change the individual sub-groups such as Joist Group Label Settings as well.

Expand out the sub groups by clicking on the triangle just to the left of Labels: Group Label Settings to view each sub group.

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