Create a Custom Scheme in BC Framer

Creating Custom Schemes

Follow these steps to create custom Schemes in BC Framer® software.

  1. Click File > Setup > Manage Job Defaults.

    Manage Job Defaults

  2. Go to Job Settings and select the folder you wish to customize. For this purpose we will create a Scheme for Material Length Rounding. Go to Job Settings > Output > Material Routines. The default database will show three schemes plus "System" and "Default". Select an existing scheme that is closest to what you need. (Don't use the System scheme.) Right click and select copy.
    You will find a new Scheme available that shows the word “Copy” prior the scheme name.


  3. Make the desired changes and rename the scheme.


  4. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  5. This new scheme may now be used in Templates for future jobs. Go to File > Setup > Manage Job Defaults. Find the scheme in the template that you wish to modify and select the new scheme. Once you are done click OK.


  6. If you would like to change an existing BC Framer file, go to File > Setup > Job Properties > Job Settings and utilize the schemes that have been created.

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