Changing the default Material list Output printer to CutePDF or another physical printer.

Here are the steps to change the Material Output report from "Windows Default" to a physical printer or PDF writer.

On the Output ribbon, click Report Schemes > Process Output:

On the Process Output dialog box, select Schemes in the top Left corner, then Materials in the category list on the left. Then select Material - FIF, or any other report you need to modify. Click Edit in the tool ribbon below.

Make sure you are on the "Reports and Delivery" tab. Click Configure Scheme Default...
Select "Use a specific printer" radio button and then browse to the printer you want. 
Click OK, then OK then OK out of the three dialog boxes. You may then cancel out of the Process Output dialog and then try your report in BC Framer® again. It should print to the physical printer or the PDF writer you selected.

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