How do I add hangers to an active material list?

Add Hangers to a Consider List

  1. Hangers are controlled by MiTek Materials.  Navigate to the Setup menu to start MiTek Materials. Click File > Setup > MiTek Materials.

  2. In order to add a hanger to an active material list, hangers must first be turned on in Item Master.  Click Item Master under the left Main Navigation column.
  3. Change the Material Category to "Hanger",
  4. Find the hanger and make sure that the hangers you will be adding to the consider list have a check mark next to them. This makes the hanger available to the Material List.
  5. Click Save in the upper left corner if you made any changes.

  6. Click Material List under the left Main Navigation column.
  7. Select Connectors in Application Categories and choose the material list to modify. The connectors material list has several sub-sections for different conditions, however, only the master list needs to be adjusted.  (If you wish to sort the list, select the "Hangers" subsection. The Up/Down links will allow you to move hangers up or down in the list. 
  8. Find the connectors by using the provided filters for Material Categories.
  9. Select the hangers to move in the Available Material window and click the arrow button [>] to move the hanger to the Active Material window.
  10. After all changes are complete, click Save and close MiTek Materials.

    NOTE: Changes made to the Active Material list should update the material list in BC Framer® software. If not, restart BC Framer and try again. 
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