How do I Import an Output Material Report?

Click here to download a PDF with instructions for BC Framer® software.

1. Launch BC Framer and open any existing or new (.mmdl) file.

2. Click on the Output ribbon and Report Schemes > Process Output.



3. This opens the Process Output dialog box.

4. Click on the Reports radio button, top left.



5. In the lower right, click Import.



6. Browse your computer to locate (*.miirep) file.

7. Select the report, then click Open.



8. Click Continue on the Import Options box, leaving the default checked.



9. Select the Schemes radio button, top left, Materials category, and click New.



10. Create a New Output Scheme...

11. On the General tab: type in a name and description of the new report.



12. (Optional) Click Change Image… > SAPPHIRE Model. Choose an icon and click OK.



13. Click on the Reports and Delivery tab.

14. Click the Category lower left: Material Lists.

15. Double-click on the desired Material report (or select it and click Add) to add it to the top section.



16. On Scheme defaults, edit Delivery target and Output units.

17. Use the Windows default printer, a select specific printer, or a PDF writer.

18. Most designers set the Output Units to Imperial: F-if”, Feet, Inches & Fractions.

19. Click OK.



20. Select the Schemes radio button, top left, Materials category.

21. Select the new report and click Preview.



22. This should show the new report preview.

23. The new report will not be listed in the Report Schemes > Materials menu tree until you restart BC Framer.

24. Close and restart BC Framer, opening any Framer file.

25. Click the Output ribbon > Report Schemes > Materials and select the new report to test it out!


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