Dashed walls above alternative to using the Above and Below visibility settings.

In BC Framer® software click File > Setup > Program Settings > Colors and Line Styles. Changes here are global so don't have to be repeated for new files.

  1. In Colors and Line Styles: Settings change DXF/DWG Trace Object Colors (and Linestyles) to "Use Program Settings".
  2. In Colors and Line Styles > Screen > Objects: CAD Objects > Trace Object Line > Line Style to display as dashed lines.

In an open job file, use Visibility Switches to view walls only - just the objects you wish to view as dashed lines.
       Tip: Create a User Defined Visibility scheme to make this a one-click process.

  1. Click File > Save As > Save View As...
            Set Save as type: to DXF or DWG, enter File Name and click Save.
  2. Back on the Planview tab - activate the level on which to import the dashed line CAD object.
  3. Click File > Import > DXF/DWG/DWF Trace Object.
  4. Browse to the file you just created and click Open. (The file must be either DXF, DWG or DWF.

The CAD object will be imported and align with your existing model. The lines will display as dashed.
NOTE: Lines may not display as dashed on your Layout sheet depending on video card capabilities but will print as dashed.

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