How do I create a new material report with all levels consolidated?

The default BC Framer® software Output Material report separates material by level. Here is how to change the way materials are grouped in an Output Material Report. Open any design file to create the report and test it.

  1. Click the Output ribbon and then Report Schemes > Process Output.

  2. Select Schemes > Materials and report name, Material - FIF (or another report).
  3. Click Edit.

  4. Click the Reports and Delivery tab.

  5. Click the Edit... button as shown and choose the Output Type as needed.
  6. In this example, the choice was to consolidate material from all levels: All Levels Consolidated.
  7. Click the Save As... button and save the modified report scheme with a new name.

  8. You will be returned to Process Output. Click Cancel.
  9. Restart BC Framer.
  10. The new report should be displayed in the list for use.

  11. Material from all levels will be consolidated and listed in one report.
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