BC Framer® General Release-September 26th, 2022


Supported Upgrade-able version: 8.4.2
Supports Windows 11 (System Requirements)

Notable Improvements

Partial Bearing Note ­čô║

Member report and design summary will now inform the user when the reported bearing length has been adjusted to account for cases when bearing is not rectangular or when the supported member is not supported by its full width.

Redefine Left End ­čô║

Users can now adjust the manufactured left end of linear members within the model. This includes Beams, Floor Joists and Floor Accessories, so that the ends will be lined up regardless of how they are aligned on the layout. This will assist in properly defining locations for cutting holes and/or marking a specific end.

Bug Fixes

BC Connect Integration - Sales Status Field

When BC Framer is integrated with BC Connect® software, the Project Sales Status options now match the new BC Connect Sales Status options. This enhancement allows for Sales Status "Drafting Service Only".

Simpson Strong-Tie® Design on 2.5" Members

Connector Selector will now find a solution for a face mount hanger on a 2.5" width product.
Backported for previous version updates: 853 Update16, 860 Update11, 861 Update5

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