BC Calc General Release - February 2023


Updates apply to www.bccalc.com as of: February 16, 2023
BC Calc Offline Mode v194

Release Highlights

New Features and Tech

Manage Projects Grid - bccalc.com 📺

New Manage Projects grid - redesigned and enhanced to allow more freedom for customizing the experience. The customizable grid layout with a responsive, auto-resizing display ensures a complete view of the data at all times. Customizable columns and powerful filters further allow this new view to meet each user's needs.

Open/Save Dialog - bccalc.com 📺

Similar to the Analysis Summary and Manage Projects screens, the Open and Save dialogs receive an update to the grid technology. This allows for a faster and filterable navigation to help locate projects by folder and file name. Customizable columns have also been added to this view.

Merge Analysis Files - bccalc.com 🎥

Merge Analysis Files allows users to merge cloud-stored files from the same project (folder) into one analysis file.

Steps: From the Projects drop-down, select Manage Projects, then find two files within the same Project (folder). Click one file, then while using Ctrl or Shift, selectively choose files to merge or select a range of files. Finally click the new Merge Analysis Files icon and confirm the merge.

Note: Merged files will default to the name of the first file selected. Each of the merged files will be added to a folder named after their original file.  



Feature Enhancements

Analysis Summary Renaming Tool Tips

The Top-level Landing Page, Analysis Summary will now notify users of illegal characters and guide the renaming process to prevent renaming failures and promote best practice naming conventions.

New Installation Note(s) for I-Joist

Caution notes have been added to prevent installation issues involving I-joist multi-ply members.

  • For 3.5" or wider joists - “All multiple member (joist selected name) applications require filler blocks and fasteners. See Boise Cascade Technical Note IJ-13 for further information.”
  • All others: “All multiple member (joist selected name) applications with side load or unevenly distributed top load require filler blocks and fasteners. See Boise Cascade Technical Note IJ-13 for further information.”

Bug Fixes

  • Previously saved wall members having duplicate materials in their material lists will now automatically refresh to remove the erroneous duplicate materials on file open.
  • User Default Analysis Settings load upon login or with the start of a New Analysis.
  • Save As for Layouts in the Analysis Summary will now work as expected so user-defined layouts can be saved.
  • For members sent from BC Framer, only the governing load is being used. Error message for loads on or around a hole will not show.
  • Users can upload new user defaults (json) files to already installed offline versions.
  • Solid sawn lumber will no longer erroneously show side load connections.

Released in Earlier 'Nightly' Deployments

  • Column widths are no longer limited to 10-3/4".
  • Project Info is loaded to Boise Member Report on first try.
  • Side load calculation resistance values match between BC Calc® and BC Framer® reports.
  • Cut LVLs correctly calculates/populates the Member Diagram.
  • CA Locale with a selection of SPF#2 2x4 no longer causes studs to rotate in the drawing and analysis results.
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