Recommended Batching - September 19, 2022


Changes effective: September 19, 2022

Inventory Length Preference 📺

New ability to set length preferences as a batch default. 

  • None will be the default selection for all locations.
  • Users will have to deliberately make a selection in order to use the new tool.

Three possible selections.

  1. None - Same behavior as today. User has to make changes to inventory lengths per batch.

  2. Stocked - Pre-configured setting that has the current batch only use 'stocked' lengths for all products in the batch.

  3. Preselected - A setting, per product, that allows the user to identify which lengths will always be used when that specific product has been included in a batch.

Advanced Material Selection 📺

New ability to identify the existing products in a batch and accept recommended similar products from ready to batch material lists.

  • Supports the traditional way of searching for material lists and selecting products to add.
  • A visual alert is displayed indicating insufficient inventory to complete batch.
  • Starting point is the Selected tab - showing what is currently included in the batch.
  • Recommended tab will show material lists with the product(s) that are available to be added to the existing batch.
  • Material List Details tab is the standard way to search for material lists today. It is also the view when a user clicks on the material list name in the Material Summary area.

Multi-Optimization 📺

New ability to compare current batch optimizations, per product, to proposed alternative solutions.

  • Up to 5 alternates will be shown for consideration.
  • User Selected column will always be shown, and if no direct similarity, an All Available Inventory column will display a solution including all available lengths in inventory for selected product.
  • Up to 3 additional length limitation scenarios may be displayed to get the highest Sold %, or lowest Waste % or fewest Offcuts.
  • "Best" values are highlighted green.
  • As additional products are included in a batch, tabs are visible across the top to show the optimization alternates for each.


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