Framer File Integrated With BC Connect Won't Open: Sequence contains no matching element

Note: Fixed in version and newer.

BC Framer® software (or MiTek Structure) may crash versions 8.6.1 and older if the BC Connect® software project Sales Status is set to "Drafting Service Only". This new BMD Job Log sales status is unrecognized by BC Framer.


1st Cause of Crash

If the sales status is set to Drafting Service Only and the file is opened from BC Connect or the MMDL in the BC Connect project attachments page, the file will fail to load giving an error message - "Cannot open the file". Error states: Sequence contains no matching element.

2nd Cause of Crash

If the sales status is changed to Drafting Service Only while the file is already opened, refreshing the Job Information will generate a BC Framer application crash: System.Linq.Enumerable.First


The work-around for this issue is to edit the Project Summary Sales Status and change it to any value other than "Drafting Service Only".


Save the alternate Sales Status and you should have access to the Framer file again.

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