AJS 24 FMJ Joists no Longer Allow Hole and Notch Repairs

BC Calc® software update on April 7, 2022, blocks holes and notch repairs in AJS 24 FMJ.

Since the AJS 24 FMJ provides both structural capacity and fire resistance, both items need to be considered when reviewing notched flanges and designing the repairs.  The ability to design notched flange repairs on the AJS FMJ product is not allowed in BC Calc.   In these conditions, an internal detail provided by EWP Engineering can specifically address issues like the proper removal of the FMJ product prior to the installation of the lumber reinforcement.


AJS 24 FMJ Joists

  • Flange Notch Repairs
  • Web Holes
    • Still can be analyzed with BC Calc software.
    • If location or size causes failed design, contact EWP Technical Services for review
    • For further information specific to fire resistance, please refer to Technical Note IJ-30 (https://p.widencdn.net/bgay1t)   
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