BC Framer® General Release-March 25th, 2022


Supported Upgrade-able version: 8.4.0
Supports Windows 11

Bug Fixes

Use Custom Bracing Properties Default

When Use Custom Bracing is set to Yes, the default settings for Member Top Bracing and Member Bottom Bracing will be "Braced at End".

Hanger in a Uplift Condition

When the load to resist consists of only uplift forces, the hanger will now successfully pass through the design process.

Unbraced Length on Headers

Headers input as part of wall openings, located within 6” vertically below the top plate, and with framing members sitting above are now modeled with proper unbraced lengths.

Beam Member Report - Member Diagram

In the Boise Member Report, Beam members with many loads above will now display their member diagram below the header text.


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