BC Connect Optimization Enhancement Release Notes - March 9th 2022

mceclip0.pngChanges effective: March 9th, 2022

Notable Updates

Optimization Enhancements:

    • UI Tweaks:
      • Change to the “Set to Processed” icon to eliminate confusion between setting a batch to processed and accessing settings or launching the batch into VersaSaw.
      • Addition of Batch Status to batch view.
        • Existing View:


        • New View:



  • New metrics view added to the Optimized view, cut list area.  This view introduces a “Sold” metric.  The percentage of the Raw Material Length (RML) that is being directed to the project is the Sold %.  The offcut and waste percentages have also been added to help track how all of the inventory pulled is being used.
    Note: Sold = Total raw material pulled less the waste and offcuts returned to inventory.

    • New view as part of the cut list


    • Sold metric has also been added to the edit cut screen.




  • Enhancement to the “Select from material list” modal
    • In order to maximize the view, and to improve clarity, the product depth information has been moved inline with the series information.
    • Existing view:


    • New View:



  • Support for SawTek Cutter Plus has been added.



  • Clicking to access the Edit Cut Screen for a product will no longer open or close the drawer as it loads the new page.

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