Maintaining the BC Connect Project List - Project Status Complete

The Project Dashboard in BC Connect® software can accumulate a lot of projects over time. Keeping this list pared down is one way to keep the system running efficiently. 

New in 2023! The Project Grid makes mass data manipulation quick and simple - including changing Project Information > Status. The Project Grid - October 24th, 2023

On the Project Dashboard, make sure that you have the Project Status column enabled. Click the Set Column Visibility button and check "Project Status". 


Projects that are completed should have the Project Status set to Complete.


This works hand-in-hand with a setting in BC Framer® software to "Hide Inactive Projects". In BC Framer or MiTek Structure, click File > Setup > Program Settings > Settings > Boise Cascade Settings > BC CONNECT® Settings: Hide Inactive Projects. Change this property to "Yes". 


You may also make this change on the BC Connect Save As dialog box if you want to see or hide Inactive (Complete) Projects.


If the system has to produce a list of several thousand projects it will take longer to process and can cause the system to lock up or crash.

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