An Introduction to Advanced Selection

Using Advanced Selection to Select All of a Type, or a Specific Level

Advanced Selection is a powerful tool and can be used to select entities of a specific type and from a specific part of a model. This is a very high level example of a simple task.

  • Right-click and select Advanced Selection (Ctrl + A)
  • Notice the list of "Selected Entity Type" can be as broad as Job (the whole model even!) or as selective as Block, or even Labels.
  • The Selection Set Operation allows for an Addition, a Subtraction or an AND operation to allow a selection to be refined.
  • The Entity Filter focuses the selection on All (the entire model), Current Level, or subsets of a current selection.
    • Example: If the Selected Entity Type is Floor Container then related options you may have under Entity Filter might be Joist or Label, as subset of the container.
  • Select will initiate the current filtering by adding or subtracting based on the what has been specified.
  • Clear will deselect and allow for a new filtered selection.



Select all entities on a Specific Level

  • Under Selected Entity Type select Job.
  • Under Entity Filter select Current Level.
  • Click Select and notice the Current Selection indicates the number of entities added to the selection.
  • Click OK to exit this screen and make the next move!


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