Design Management – Design Work Queue 📺

Keeping up with project due dates can be a challenge. Please take a little time out to watch these short videos and see how the Design Work Queue and the addition of Project Milestone Dates can help your team!

Designer View Video

Design Manager View Video


  • New page to assist with project design work scheduling and tracking
    • Allows a project to have an estimated completion time set
    • Allows a project to be assigned to a designer
    • Allows a project to have a design complete date set
    • Allows the active designer to set the progress/status of the design work
  • Project Milestone Dates:
    • New fields added to the Project Summary view
      • Design Complete Date
      • Cut Complete Date
      • Delivery Complete Date
      • Assigned Designer
      • Work Status


Design Work Queue - Designer View

Design Work Queue - Designer Manager

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