User Defined Loads - Custom, Reusable and Easy to Access

BC Calc® Software allows for quick and easy access to User Defined Loads. Setup loads that are used regularly and save time on future projects.

  • Access the Analysis Settings by clicking the gear mceclip0.png icon.
  • Under the Loads tab, select a type of load that is commonly added in addition to standard loading.
  • Click the + symbol to add a User Defined Load 
    • NOTE: For this exercise we will work with Uniform Linear Loads.
    • NOTE: The example will be a 8' non-load bearing partition wall @ 80lbs/ft.mceclip2.png
  • Save the User Defined Load and then click Save as User Defaults.
    • NOTE: Save as User Defaults will ensure that your new custom, User Defined Load will be available for use in all future projects. Clicking Save only will only create the load for the current project.

    • Click Close once saved.  
  • To test the new load, start a New Analysis from the Project drop down and add a new member to the analysis.
  • Double click or access Edit Member via the context menu, then navigate to the Loads tab.
  • Add a new Uniform Linear Load and click into the Description field: Notice the User Defined Load is available in a list to be selected.
  • Select the User Defined Load and notice that the values follow that of the custom load created in the previous steps.

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Added in February of 2020, view the full feature video here.

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