BC Calc Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨

In BC Calc® software there are multiple ways to achieve similar results, allowing flexibility for the user to move through their project in an agile, non-linear way. Keyboard shortcuts have been built in to help! Sometimes keeping hands on the keyboard can speed things up and keep us ready to make the next number entry.

If you're someone who appreciates working with 'hotkeys' in software, give these keyboard shortcuts a try to see what they can do to help your workflow!

BC Calc Keyboard Shortcuts

File Controls

Command Shortcut Description
New Ctrl+Alt+N Create a new project file
Open Ctrl+Alt+O Open a project file
Save Ctrl+Alt+S Save the current project
Print Ctrl+Alt+P Print report(s)

Text Edit

Command Shortcut Description
Cut Ctrl+X Cut selected text to paste
Copy Ctrl+C Copy selected text to paste
Paste Ctrl+V Paste Cut/Copied text
Undo Ctrl+Z Undo text edit/cut
Delete Del Delete selected text

Analysis Summary

Command Shortcut Description
Select all Ctrl+A Select all members within Analysis Summary
Select a range Shift+click Select first member, shift+click last to select range
Multi-select specific Ctrl+click Hold Ctrl while selectively clicking members
Copy selected Ctrl+C Copy selected member(s) to clipboard
Paste from clipboard Ctrl+V Paste selected member(s) to clipboard


Command Shortcut Description
Engineering Report Ctrl+Alt+E Generate a Engineering Report in a new tab/win
Member Report Ctrl+Alt+P Generate a Member Report in a new tab/window
Shear, Moment, Deflctn. Ctrl+Alt+H Generate the Shear, Moment, Deflection Diagram
Analyze Member Ctrl+Alt+M Run Analysis on current member in edit mode

Tab Navigation - Horizontal Members

Command Shortcut
Spans Tab Alt+S
Settings Tab Alt+T
Loads Tab Alt+L
Products Tab Alt+P
Holes Tab Alt+H
Notch/Bevl. Tab Alt+O
Connections Tab Alt+C
Repairs Tab No Shortcut
Notes Tab Alt+N
Details Tab Alt+I

Tab Navigation - Vertical Members

Command Shortcut
Geometry Tab Alt+G
Settings Tab Alt+T
Loads Tab Alt+L
Products Tab Alt+P
Bearings Tab Alt+B
Connections Tab Alt+C
Connections - Multi Ply Alt+M
Connections - Lateral Alt+A
Notes Tab Alt+N
Details Tab No Shortcut

NOTE: "Click" implies *left* click, unless otherwise noted as a right-click.


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