Transfer settings from BC Calc offline mode to the online version (

In the Offline Mode drop-down menu you will see a variety of options for syncing to

Select Sync User Data and changes made to the settings in BC Calc Offline Mode will be saved in

NOTE: the sync process will require you to sign in to, so if you don't know that password, you might want to do a password reset before initiating the sync.

This will also effectively backup the Analysis Settings to under the specific account's 'cloud' storage. If there's ever a need to install Offline Mode on another computer or uninstall/reinstall, a user can first sync so they can then download their User Data from prior to reinstalling. 

This also allows for easy switching between the two different platforms because the settings always match!

Downloading User Data

To download the user data once it has been synced, sign-in to then hover the mouse pointer over the current user's name in the upper right corner, and select Offline Mode. The following screen will allow for downloading the offline installer, downloading user data as well as the installation instructions.

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