BC Connect General Release Notes - December 2021


Update Highlights

New Features:

  • Design Management – Design Work Queue 📺
    • New page to assist with project design work scheduling and tracking
      • Allows a project to have an estimated completion time set
      • Allows a project to be assigned to a designer
      • Allows a project to have a design complete date set
      • Allows the active designer to set the progress/status of the design work
    • Project Milestone Dates:
      • New fields added to the Project Summary view
        • Design Complete Date
        • Cut Complete Date
        • Delivery Complete Date
        • Assigned Designer
        • Work Status
  • Rich Text Comments*
    • Rich Text editor for Batch comments.
    • Allow formatting for Bold, Italics, Underline, Text Color, and Text Background Color.
  • Flexible Width*
    • Optimizer screens will now maximize available screen space.

Issues Resolved:

  • Prevent Double Accept*
    • System will check the database batch status for every accept action.  If the batch has already been accepted, it will display the Optimized Solution screen.
  • Material list Modal*
    • Increase the width of the modal so that long mark lengths don’t collide with information in the adjacent column.
  • Estimate Time – Edit Screen Fix*
    • Update the Edit Cut screen when cuts are added or removed so that the time estimate is correct.
  • Inventory Blocking Lengths – Edit Screen Fix*
    • Only show blocking panel lengths options that are stocked or have an “On Hand” quantity greater than zero.
  • Status Change – New to Created*
    • Fix an issue where a location that does not have Scheduling enabled was not seeing the “Created” status.


  • Attachment Upload**
    • The processing time on general attachments has been reduced. The page will now automatically refresh 1 minute after upload to allow access to the attachment or the user can manually reload the page for more immediate access.
  • Speed Improvements**
    • Continuing improvements to increase the responsiveness of the application when working with projects.  Current effort is to improve:
      • Project page load times
      • Material list import process

* Optimizer Deployment - September 7, 2021 

** BC Connect Deployment - October 6, 2021

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