"Where are my loads?" Smoothed Loads on Boise Member Report

Load Smoothing:

When generating a Boise Member Report in BC Framer® software or MiTek Structure, the default report "smooths" loads. For more loading detail on the member in question, you can send the member(s) to BC Calc® software.

In BC Framer, the multi-print dialog can be displayed by selecting no members or two members or more, then clicking the Boise Member Report icon. Deselect all but the member in question or leave them checked, then check the box for Display all loads, and click OK. (This dialog isn't shown if you only have one member selected.)

Understanding the difference is easier if you compare the two reports. The key is finding loads that are located in the same or similar locations and comparing them. You will see how the program combines multiple loads and smooths them into one. See below for a couple of examples:

Above, the report on the left is the smoothed load example (Display all loads: Off), and the report on the right is an example of Display all loads: On. The colored rectangles highlight smoothed loads that correspond to the non-smoothed version. The load locations are close enough that MiTek's algorithm determines to group them together. The MiTek algorithm also smooths loads designated as "Top", "Front" and "Back" and reports the load on one face.

For example, in the green square on the left report, we have 1226 LL/ 931 DL/296 SL, located at 01-05-06; while, in the green square on the right, if you add up the loads located at 01-02-13 and 01-06-05, you will see that they sum up to 1226LL/931 DL/ 236SL.

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