BC Calc General Release - September 2021

Updates apply to www.bccalc.com as of September 26th, 2021.

Release Highlights

New Features

Dynamic Member Drawing (multipart demo series) 📺

BC Calc® software now allows designers to dynamically move notches, bevels, loads, bearings, cantilevers and repairs directly within the member drawing. 

Stud Member Page 📺

Users now can use the context (right-click) menu to manipulate this member type from within the member drawing.

Component Tags 🎥

Users have the ability to declutter the member drawing and only print what they want on the member report. Click to enlarge.

Auto Updates (Spans Tab) 🎥

When updating the horizontal member Spans tab, the changes immediately update as soon as the cursor leaves that input field eliminating the need to click the OK button. Click to enlarge.


Holes - Validation Issues in Red

For holes modeled too closely/overlapping and sent to BC Calc from a third-party software, a red circle will appear on the drawing to help identify the invalid hole in question.

Holes - Input Dialog Help

Help dialog will explain where the location is coming from when inputting a hole.


Notable Updates

MiTek Rebranding

MiTek has rebranded USP to MiTek for hangers and connectors in this release. No user action is needed, existing USP hangers and connectors will now display with the MiTek brand.

Products Tab Column Order

The plies column has moved to the right of the product series selection so that users can select the desired number of plies before selecting width or depth filters that are dependent on the plies selection.

Member Report Notes/Cautions

Member Reports now consolidate Web Stiffener, Cantilever Closure and Squash Block Notes(Cautions) and provide clarity of location.


Bug Fixes

  • Linked members:
    • New member appears in Project Explorer without refresh.
    • Vertical scroll bar is present for multi-member files exceeding page space.
    • Linked loads show in blue to differentiate from other loads on member drawing.
  • Bearing Analysis - Proper bearing material is used for analysis.
    • Selected bearing material properties are used for bearing analysis.
  • Customer is listed as 'Customer' in lieu of Builder on Member Reports (Offline Mode).
  • BCML navigation item removed from BC Calc within BC Connect.
  • Resource Library facelift and now accessing resources as expected.
  • Beam Pocket input and edit working as expected.
  • Drawing Rendering illustrates Support Types in proper location.
  • While reviewing the shear, moment and deflection diagram page, and selecting a load case; you can now change the loadcase without the Point of Interest resetting.
  • Shared Projects - file lock is working properly.
    • In Manage Projects, within folders that are shared, you can now lock and unlock files by clicking on the lock icon.
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