BC Framer® General Release-September 14th, 2021

Supported Upgrade-able version: 8.3.1

Notable Updates

On-Off Toggle for Left End Indicators 📺

  • Manage setting per Job: Job Properties > Job Settings > Floor: General
  • Available for default in all future jobs: Manage Job Defaults > Job Settings > Floor > [Default Scheme Name]: General. Click the link above for demo video.

BC Framer Job Information New Attributes  📺

  • BC Connect® software Dealer Contact & Builder Contact are picked up by BC Framer® software, and then added to the Attribute Property list, to create an auto-populated attribute. Click the link above for demo video.

User Defined Material List to XML Output 📺

  • User-defined lists can be exported to BC Connect® XML. These lists are available for output to XML as an alternative to entire model or individual levels. Click the link above for demo video.

BC FloorValue Graphic

  • BC FloorValue® software bar graph on BC FloorValue Results Matrix now matches BC Calc® software member reports. 

FastenMaster screws for Multi-ply Connection

  • FastenMaster screws are available in beam multi-ply connection options, as a Preferred Fastener Manufacturer.


Bug Fixes

Crash when roof blocking labels are grouped: Resolved

Fix applies to:

Custom beam bracing fixes: User-Defined Unbraced Length

  • Unbraced length for beams now calculates accurately when setting for Applied Ceiling is set to "Drywall"
    NOTE: beams do not pick up applied ceiling from container above when beam bottom is not flush with container bottom.

  • Unbraced length for flush beams now calculates accurately when the member supports intersecting members of differing depth.

  • Unbraced length calculates correctly for headers when supporting rafters with a birdsmouth cut.

Manually Input Accessories

  • Matches joist material correctly, using Floor Container properties to match blocking to i-joist.

Boise Cascade Default Layout Sheet

Boise default layout sheet now showing blank text fields in title block, rather than ‘Bob and Sue’s High Roof Layout’.

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