The "Alt" key and how it's helpful in BC Framer.

The Alt key in BC Framer® software allows designers to select an entity by its "Parent" entity. Here we will discuss some other uses for the Alt key that can help reduce clicks and simplify a workflow.

Selecting a Whole Floor Container

Hold the Alt key and click any-one-joist in a Floor Container, which selects the entire container and its contents.

Quickly Select a Hanger (by its label)

Hold the Alt key and click the label for a specific hanger, which will actually select the hanger itself.

Drag a box over an area of the model and select only one entity type.

First select an entity (hanger, joist, beam, wall, roof plane, etc.) Hold Alt and while left clicking in the 'white'; drag a box over an entire area, which will select like-members. 

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Alt + C Geometry Only Connectors
Alt + L Create Layout Sheet(s) From Library
Alt + P Input Post
Alt + S Input Opening
Alt + X Extend to Line
Alt + H Input Horizontal
Alt + V Input Vertical


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