Setting the order of unpinned window tabs so BC Framer retains the preference

​The following steps will force BC Framer® to retain the order of pinned window tabs (Job Tree, Visibility, Properties... etc.)

 Pin (to disable auto-hide) all of the tabs you have hidden at the right of your screen.

Drag each tab out to the left to undock them.

Then drag the three back to the right into the tabbed (center) icon, while hovering in the middle of the right hand dock position​​.


Note: At the bottom, you should now see the group of three tabs.

Undock the group then click and drag the tabs to the preferred order - left to right.

Dock the group to a preferred location and unpin the group.

The tabs should be in the same order (left to right) as top to bottom. Closing and opening the application should retain the order.

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