Batch Change-Over Time (Changeover Time)

Batch scheduling uses historical data, if available, to estimate the capacity of your operation. This is the time to process material through the saw. You may also use these Batch Changeover settings to more accurately determine how much time individual and successive batches will take to process. 

As of July, 2021, these have two different spellings as you will see below.

  • The first setting is in Operations > Settings > Operations Settings. This is Batch Changeover Time. This is the time between two batches.


  • The second setting is in OperationsOptimizer > Saw Settings at the bottom of the saw properties. This Change-Over Time (min) is the time within a batch between two products that are to be cut and a default value could be set here. (Pull and ship will not add any Change-Over time.)


  • The batch creation page shows the default value from Saw Settings, but here it allows the operator to adjust the value for individual batches as needed.

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