Use Worklines and Z Offset for Adding Planes to a Roof System

Planes will associate to a work line like they would to a wall or beam. Using a Workline is an easy and effective means of properly implementing correct elevations in the roof system. By changing the "Z Offset" in the Properties grid you can then associate planes and even bottom chords in a stepped truss to any specific elevation.

This exercise will demonstrate the addition of a dormer window, set to a specific elevation. 


Setting Worklines to a Specific Elevation Using Z Offset

- From the Drawing and Markup ribbon, select Input Workline (L).

- Find a suitable snap within the wall and/or use Shift-click to offset to a particular measurement.

- Pull the Workline in the direction it will run and enter the distance of the line, then Right-click to end the line.

- Repeat these steps to add a Workline for setting the adjacent plane. 



Set the Elevation of Worklines with Z Offset

- Be sure to escape out of the Workline command. (tool tip in the bottom left will say Ready)

- Select the Worklines
Tip: While holding Shift, click into a white space next to the Worlines and pull a line across both to select them at once. Alternatively, click each Workline while holding Ctrl.

- With the Worklines selected, in the Properties grid, enter the Z Offset (elevation) for the planes. 



Input Planes for Dormer Window

- From the Roof ribbon, select Input Planes (P).

- Setup any specific parameters to your planes in the Properties grid - In this exercise the pitch will be 4.75/12.

- Clicking to the opposing side of the Workline will set the direction of your plane facing center. 



View Cut Dormer Planes

- From the Roof ribbon, select View Cut (Shift+V).

- Using the new Workline Plane Tags, follow the View Cut tool tips to cut each opposing dormer plane - Right-click to end each opposing plane while staying in the command.

Tip: In this example we hold Shift and use the outside of the exterior wall (E4) for the final intersecting plan.


This basic roof system could now be recut around the added dormer window.


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