Align a PDF/Image Trace Import that is Askew

BC Framer® software has a number of tools associated with PDF or Image imports and one that can be very useful is the Align tool. A hand-drawn, scanned image may be crooked or slanted.

To adjust an image that imports slightly (or very) askew:

  • Turn off the Ortho snap (F8 key)
  • Right-click the imported object and under PDF/Image Trace, select Align.
  • Using a line within the imported object that should be horizontal or vertical, first click one end of the line, then click the other end of the line. BC Framer's tool tips will read as follows:
    First click
    Second click

TIP: Due to the graininess of a scanned image and inconsistency of a hand-drawn plan, there are a lot of variables that could cause undesired outcomes. It's key to find as straight a line as possible and after the first adjustment, double-check other places in the plan with a workline (Ortho ON) or by running the command again using a different reference within the image. It may be that a compromise will need to be made.


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