Use Best Analysis

Ever receive capacity requirements from an engineer that's missing product spec or other important details? Ever face depth or width restrictions that leave you questioning what product will work? Probably so...

The Use Best Analysis, located within the BC Calc® software Products tab, can greatly reduce the guesswork otherwise involved when we don't know which product, series, depth and/or OCS will be appropriate for the design.

Select the Use Best Analysis checkbox then filter by Series, Width, Depth and/or number of plies. Click Run and BC Calc will run through all applicable combinations. The *best passing solutions* will be listed in the Product column.  

Note: Results are sorted based on depth (shallowest to deepest) by default, but can be sorted by wood volume (least to most) which is a reasonable approximation for cost, or capacity (highest capacity ratio utilization to lowest) depending on what criteria is most important for the design.



A single click on any of the passing solutions will display the analysis results for that product.

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