BC Calc® General Release - April 2021

mceclip0.pngUpdates apply to www.bccalc.com as of April 18th, 2021.

Release Highlights

Column Drawing 📺

  • Users can now manipulate the member using context (right-click) menus to:
    • Select Product
    • Add Axial Load
    • Add Left/Right Point Load
    • Add Front/Back Point Load
    • Add Left/Right Linear Load
    • Add Front/Back Linear Load

Manage Projects 🎥

  • Users can now multi-select in the Manage Projects screen: Manage sub folders, copy-to/from or delete multiple files by holding CTRL and left-clicking to make a selection.

Notable Improvements

Subsequent Send to BC Calc®

  • Send to BC Calc® from third-party supported platforms displays an append dialogue when an existing analysis is open. This functionality allows users the option of Close, Add to Existing or Create New Analysis.
    • Close cancels the process and closes the dialog box.
    • Add to Existing adds the newly sent member(s) to the open analysis.
    • Create New Analysis creates a fresh analysis with the newly sent member(s).
      NOTE: "Create New Analysis" overwrites open analysis without saving.


Copy/Paste Reactions

  • Supports spaces in the member name
  • Supports copying from/to subfolders
  • Proper loads from copied reaction now populate when pasting to a member.


LVL Support Material (Bearing Analysis)

  • LVL Support material uses proper values for bearing analysis.


Hanger Dialogue (6000, 6500 and 60 Series)

  • Hanger dialogue now displays full range of options for 6000, 6500 and 60’s series.


Point Loads Over Holes (I-Joists)

  • Point loads directly over holes in Joists are are allowed (up to 200 lbs for US design).


Use Best Analysis is Restored

  • Use Best Analysis now runs all options selected for consideration.


Beam Bracing (Updated)

  • Beam Bracing note is updated within engineering reports to identify the bracing condition and unbraced lengths used in the calculations.


Online Project Info (*Offline Files)

  • Online Project info dialogue box now displays full content for files created offline.


Copy to/Copy from (Holes)

  • Copy to /Copy From function for Holes transfers all values to new member.


TAB Through Load Fields 🎥

  • Loads dialogue box allows user to tab (tap the TAB key) through the load settings fields.


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