BC Connect® General Release Notes - April 2021


Key Features:

  • Batch Planning and Scheduling Overview ­čô║
  • Batch Enhancements ­čô║
    • Additional Batch Statuses
      • New
      • Ready to Schedule
      • Scheduled
    • New "HotShot" process
      • One click action to optimize and auto accept a batch, based on batch details, in order to speed time to cutting.
      • Batch is prioritized as next batch to cut on the Sawyer Dashboard and Batch List view.
    • New abilities accessible from the Batch List view
      • Optimize
      • Optimize and Accept
      • Ready to Schedule
      • Scheduling calendar
  • Batch Scheduling Page ­čô║
    • Ability to schedule batches to future days
    • Ability to see total projected cut time for daily batches
    • Ability to set a batch changeover time
    • Ability to re-schedule and unschedule batches
    • Ability to see batches that have been scheduled during the Batch process
    • Access to capacity settings to set the changeover time and the hours cut target
  • Sawyer Dashboard ­čô║ 
    • View of batches scheduled to be cut today, with the ability to order based on prioritization
    • View of batches that were cut yesterday
    • View of batches that are 'currently' set to be cut tomorrow
  • Material Fulfillment ­čô║ 
    • Ability to see the relationship between products in a material list and the batch/status it has been added to.
    • Ability to see if products/rows in the material list have not been added to a batch.
  • Usage Report
    • Ability to see what quantities of inventory lengths have been used over the past three months.
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