BC Framer® General Release-May 21st, 2021

MailerTemplateWireframe_Framer850_Header.pngSupported Upgrade-able version: 8.3.0

Bug Fixes

Rim Application Category – MiTek Materials

(Backported to 8.4.2 Update 14 / 8.4.3 Update 10)

  • Rim material is again included for use as "Beam" in the MiTek Materials Application Category.
  • Allows rim material as fascia in roof plane properties.

Trapezoidal Snow Load

(Backported to 8.4.3 Update 10)

  • Trapezoidal snow loads now work as intended in Properties: Magnitude input.

Multi-monitor 3D View and Layout Sheets (New Window)

(Backported to 8.4.3 Update 10)

  • Ability to undock 3D view into a new window/monitor is now functional when integrated with BC Connect®.

Layout Sheet Order 

  • Layout Sheet list in Job Tree retains selected order upon re-opening of job.

Wall Input Orientation Dialog

  • Wall input orientation dialog box Cancel button works as intended by reverting to last segment drawn.

Notable Updates

Floor Decking List – New User Control

(Backported to 8.4.2 Update 14 / 8.4.3 Update 10)

  • New switch in Job Properties – Floor Decking
    • Job Properties > Output > Layout Material List: Floor Decking
      • Yes groups decking for Material List. 
      • No reports decking per decking label.  (Consolidate floor sheathing material list)

USP Rebranding to MiTek

  • Hangers previously branded as USP will now carry the MiTek brand in the product database.
  • Does not affect model number.
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