DGW Imported into BC Framer Not Visible on Print Preview

If the DWG trace object is visible in Plan View but not in print preview, it may be related to how the file was created. If the file was created and saved to DWG with a black background color, the line color in the DWG is white.  

When imported into BC Framer® software with a white background, the software has a built-in logic to compensate for the white line color. It flips the from white to black, and is visible on the screen. Unfortunately the logic isn't working for printing. 

This is what it looks like in Print Preview. None of the DWG lines are visible because the original line colors are white (on a white sheet):


To work around this, select the DWG trace object and edit the Properties grid Trace Object Properties > Color Options. Change the setting from "Use Source File" to "Use Program Settings". 


Then print to PDF again, and this is what you should see. DWG lines using your Program Settings:


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