Manually Checking Concentrated Safe Load on a Cantilever Floor

BC Calc® software does not allow for the Garage or Safe load Analysis to be run on a cantilever floor joist.


In order to analyze a commercial floor Joist with BC Calc you will need to perform the following steps. 

  1. Select the worst case joist span(s) and create the design in BC Calc. (If you have created the project as a BC Framer® software file, send the joist to BC Calc with the provided BC Framer tools.)
  2. Analyze the joist with all loads except the safe load.
  3. Remove all uniform floor live load and enter an additional uniform live load of 320 PSF, over a 2'-6" length. Analyze the joist with a single 320 PSF load at each of these locations. See diagram below:
      • End of the longest span.
      • Middle of the longest span.
      • End of the longest span at the intermediate bearing.
      • End of cantilever.

  4. All designs in steps 2 and 3 must pass for the joist to pass.


Note: For Garage Floors or office floors with point loads please contact Boise Cascade EWP Engineering for further information.

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