Manually Checking Concentrated Safe Load on a Cantilever Floor

BC Calc® does not allow for the Garage or Safe load Analysis to be run on a cantilever floor joist.


In order to analyze a commercial floor Joist with BC Calc® you will need to perform the following steps. 

  1. Select the worst case joist span(s) and create the design in BC Calc®. (If you have created the project as a BC Framer® file, send the joist to BC Calc® with the provided BC Framer® tools.)
  2. Analyze the joist with all loads except the safe load.
  3. Remove all uniform floor live load and enter an additional uniform live load of 320 PSF, over a 2'-6" length. Analyze the joist with a single 320 PSF load at each of these locations. See diagram below:
      • End of the longest span.
      • Middle of the longest span.
      • End of the longest span at the intermediate bearing.
      • End of cantilever.

  4. All designs in steps 2 and 3 must pass for the joist to pass.


Note: For Garage Floors or office floors with point loads please contact Boise Cascade EWP Engineering for further information.

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