Hiding Left End Indicators

Left End Indicators are a new feature and are enabled by default in BC Framer® software 8.4.2.

**Note: BC Framer enables a toggle to turn this on or off in Job Defaults. See below.



If you prefer to hide these symbols, here are three methods.

(1) Upgrade to Version 8.5.1
  • Manage setting per Job: Job Properties > Job Settings > Floor: General
  • Available for default in all future jobs: Manage Job Defaults > Job Settings > Floor > [Default Scheme Name]: General.

(2) Change the Color to Transparent

Click File > Setup > Program Settings.

Then Colors & Line Styles > Screen. Modify the Line and Fill color for each of these three objects, then click OK.

  • Objects: Beams
  • Objects: Floor Framing
  • Objects: Floor Framing Accessories

Change these three items to use Transparent, and you won't see them again.


(3) Alternate Solution - Change Visibility Settings 

First open an existing project. Don't make any other changes to the Visibility Settings defaults unless you want them saved with this and future jobs.

Next, edit Visibility Switches to uncheck any or all of the member types you want to hide:


Save Settings for this job

Right-click the mouse in the Visibility Switches area and choose Save to Job Properties.


If prompted for a Save Settings Confirmation, select "Yes".  If you save this file now it will save the Visibility settings with the file. The settings will be retained the next time the file is opened.

Save Settings for all future jobs

To save these settings for all future jobs, right click in the Visibility Switches area again and choose Save to Schemes


Select the Default visibility scheme and choose Replace., then click OK.  This will save your settings for all future jobs.


If new jobs created after these changes don't correctly hide the left end indicators, check in Manage Job Defaults for an alternate visibility scheme.

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