BC Calc General Release - November 2020


Updates apply to www.bccalc.com as of November 15th, 2020.

Release Highlights

New Horizontal Member Icons 📺

Double-click Appends (Offline) 📺


Notable Improvements 

Wall Connections

  • Cripple Studs in BC Calc® software are visible for clarity.
  • Stud Count on Connection Drop-down.


Wall Material List

  • The word “Critical” has been added to explain that the member summary is only showing critical members.
  • A connection column has been added to clarify where connections belong.
  • If a connection is different an asterisk (*) will be added, in addition to a note indicating users should view the member report for that specific connection.


Edit Member Name & Description

  • Use the right-click menu or context menu to update the member name and description.


Bearing Material Update

  • Updated bearing material drop-down for horizontal members and walls to include the most up-to-date materials.
  • Any bearing material that was specified with older names will be properly mapped to the new names in the drop-down.


Member Drawing View Update – Bevels & Notches:

  • Users can view Bevels and Notches added to floor and roof beams.
  • The same image can be seen on the Boise Design Report.


Notable Update:

Internet Explorer Browser No Longer Supported

  • Added reminder notice that IE is no longer a supported browser.

Bug Fixes

  • Reference right is now being considered when using that option.
  • Load Description is now being retained and can be edited at your leisure.
  • Designers can copy reactions and it will auto fill the description with the reaction and member names.
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