BC Framer® U2 General Release - Nov 9th, 2020

Supported Upgrade-able version: 8.2.3

Release Highlights

Left End Indicators ­čô║

Hide Selected Object by Type ­čô║

Notable Improvements

Left End Indicators ­čô║

    • Left end markers for beams, joist and rim.
    • Can be turned off in Visibility Switches at Beams, Joist, Accessories (respectively).
    • Markers are turned on by default.
    • These are different than the obstruction start end markers.

Hide Selected Objects by Type ­čô║

    • Version 8.4.2 includes new option for hiding specific objects.
      • Hide Selected has added a new option: type

Beam Ply to Ply Enhancements

  • Ply to Ply Connections settings allow a user to customize the connection details for non-Boise Cascade products.
  • Job Settings > Design > Connector Design there is a new group: Ply to Ply Lamination for Member - Change to Yes for configuration of new settings.

Bug Fixes

Load cell geometry

    • Proper load distribution is now being analyzed. 
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