Multi-tasking in BC Calc® Safely

NOTE: The solutions outlined here are intended for advanced designers and are not a replacement for saving work regularly and closing out of BC Calc® when it isn't needed.

Running BC Calc® in multiple tabs of the same browser as shown in the illustration below, (two instances of BC Calc® offline), will result in lost data. The same is true of online -


Always be sure to save and close out of a project before opening another project in the same browser, unless using the techniques outlined below.

Private Browsing Session or using an Alternate Browser are two techniques that allow you to work on multiple BC Calc® (*.bccx) files at once. 

Private Browsing Session

Private browsing is a privacy feature available in most web browsers. When operating in such a mode, the browser creates a temporary session that is isolated from the browser's main session and user data.

How can a private browsing window help me in BC Calc®? and BC Calc® Offline Mode, like all websites, will use the computer's default web browser. It may be useful at times to have a second session of BC Calc® running. The best practice would be to save and close out of the current project before opening another. However, if needed, opening a private browsing session may serve as a safe solution. 

Visit the following links to developer sites for your favorite browser to see how private browsing works.

New Incognito Window in Chrome

New InPrivate Window in Edge

New Private Window in Firefox

Browse in private in Safari on Mac

Copy and paste the URL from your active BC Calc® session into the new, private browsing session and operate as normal.

Alternate Browser

What if I use two different browsers?

Notice! This method is not working as expected. All Browsers are using the same memory cache. Use Private browsing instead. (July 2021)

Multiple browsers (for example, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox) can operate independently of one another, similar to using a private browsing session. 

It is possible to work with two different BC Calc® files at one time if each file is in it's own browser, with it's own session and user data. Links clicked from an external source, such as an email, will still open in the operating system's default browser but the links clicked from within the particular browser will open in that same browser.

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