User Defined Custom Beam Bracing 📺

New design engine logic in version 8.4.1 introduces addition controls for beam bracing. In previous versions the bottom edge of a beam would have been assumed braced as long as the top was. The changes to the design engine in BC Framer v841 and in BC Calc (.com and offline v130+) will, under some conditions, show different reactions than previous versions. For example: a multi-span beam supported by columns will now show an increase unbraced length. The designer will need to be conscious of this and use this functionality responsibly.

Users can now define frequency of bracing along the length of a beam. The updated settings require the user to specify top and bottom bracing. 

There will be options for Member Top Bracing and Member Bottom Bracing; with Use Custom Bracing set to Yes, both member top and bottom bracing will have the options of:

Continually Braced
Braced At Supports
Braced At End
User Defined


📺 More information on User Defined Custom Beam Bracing here! 📺


📺 More information on User Defined Custom Beam Bracing here! 📺

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