BC Framer® U2 General Release-Aug, 4th 2020

Supported Upgrade-able version: 8.2.2

Release Highlights

User Defined Beam Bracing ­čô║

Template Selection - Levels Section View ­čô║

Notable Improvements

User defined Beam Bracing

  • Users can now define frequency of bracing along the length of a beam
  • The custom setting requires the user to specify top and bottom bracing. 


Template Section View

At start of new file & at Level management when choosing a Template ÔÇô the Levels Section View shows in Right panel. New dynamic reaction to level changes.

LSL in product database

Limited release of product distribution

Bug Fixes

Graphics at mirror of layout sheet

  • When using mirror function in layout sheet properties, graphics will now stay more consistent with the Plan View.
  • Start layout indicator is now rendered correctly instead of as a black dot.
  • Dashed beams become solid line (to be further corrected in a future release)

Auto-place detail condition - Bug Introduced ver 833 / 840

Auto-place detail condition in Libraries set to "none" by default, instead of the specific detail, this is corrected in v8.4.1+.

Job Defaults Schemes Restored - Bug Introduced ver 833 / 840

Job Defaults were dropping all schemes but <system>, this is corrected in v8.4.1+.

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