BC Connect® General Release Notes - August 2020


Release Highlights

Enhanced Batch List ­čô║
Enhanced Saw Settings Page ­čô║

Project Management:

  • UI Enhancement for Attachment tab
    • Add visual clarity for folder structure and navigation
    • Attachments can be uploaded to the current folder
    • Selected folder can be renamed or deleted.
      • Any attachments are moved to the root folder when deleted.
    • Timestamp updated to show users local time.


  • Enhanced Batch List ­čô║
    • Separation of batches based on status.
      • Processing batches will always be listed first
      • Released for Processing batches will support reordering.
      • Created batches will be listed at the bottom, after a separator.
    • Ability to change batch order via drag and drop interaction
  • New batch list expandable drawer.
    • Pre-Optimization view
      • Shows added materials lists/Projects/builders
      • Shows added materials
    • Post-Optimization view
      • Shows distribution group information
      • Shows products and pull lengths and quantities
      • Ability export the saw/cut file
      • Ability to print the Pull/Cut/Distribution lists
        • Demo steps to click button twice
      • Ability to set batch to "Processed"
      • Ability to delete batch
        • Delete action will display a security prompt
  • Enhanced Saw Settings Page ­čô║
    • All settings are now assigned to a Saw Name
    • Switching between an auto saw and manual saw will give greater control over modes and processing options.
  • Accepting a Batch creates a folder for the project, and places the batch link inside.

Issues resolved:

  • Top Nav will always show the correct Org information switching between BCConnect and Optimizer
  • Batches with the Mango saw selected will now export the .csv router file.
  • Mapping consolidation for JST file import
    • There is now only one Virtek File (JST) material list import selection.
  • Material list product selection modal will correctly list the product application category
    • Prevents cutting off long product names
  • Removed the "Changes you made may not be saved" message from the optimized solution page.
    • There isn't a save button, so the message was confusing.
  • Removed the Save and Cancel buttons from the edit comment modal.
    • Comment edits are now auto saved.
  • Distribution List will now list Pull and Ship with the correct Blue color coding
  • Processing Failed message provides additional information to support resolution.
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