2019 Q4 BC Connect® General Release


Project Improvements

  • Cost/Price Management
    • Ability to enter product costs
    • Ability to create multiple price tables
    • Ability to adjust pricing manually or by Margin markup
  • Quote Sheet Creator
    • Ability to create a quote for a material list
    • Ability to set the expiration date
    • Ability to add notes
    • Ability to create a note template for reuse
    • Ability to set if the additional items should be itemized
    • Ability to select from the available Price Tabs/Tiers
    • Ability to customize price information for any product
    • Ability to refresh prices from an established Tab/Tier
    • Ability to enter MISC products and enter Cost and Price information
    • Ability to enter a SKU for MISC products (SKU are visible for on the page for other products)
    • Ability to set if the quote should include Labor and/or Delivery
    • Ability to see the Total Cost and Total Price for the project/material list
    • Ability to track Gross Profit, After Delivery Gross Profit, and Variable Margin for the quote.
    • Ability to export the quote information to the ERP supported output
    • Shipping Bundle Management
    • Ability to define that a project will be separated into “x” number of shipping bundles
    • Ability to designate the stage location for a bundle
    • Ability to see/set when bundles have been shipped

Operations Improvements

  • Optimization Output
    • Adjustment to hole information that is included in a Hundegger saw file output

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