Wall Input Method - Point vs. Line Selection

BC Framer® software wall input is controlled by numerous default properties that may be changed to fit your needs. In addition to Wall Type and Orientation, you may also change the Input Method. By default this is set to Point Selection but may be changed to Line Selection, similar to the input method for floor containers. This enables freely changing the way walls are input using lines or points as you draw.

Line Selection

First make sure that the levels to be traced or referenced are visible and that the level to which walls will be drawn is active.



If tracing walls below, make sure the Select in Current Level Only is OFF.

Note: This will allow for snaps to walls drawn on other levels.



Start the Input Wall command from the Wall ribbon or with the keyboard shortcut W.

Select the Property Set for the wall and toggle Input Method to Line Selection.



Starting on one side, follow the walls of the trace object, selecting each line where a wall will be drawn with a Left-click. Right-click when line selection is complete. At any point before right-clicking, steps can be undone by pressing Backspace on the keyboard.


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