Sharing Inventory Schemes in BC Calc

BC Calc® software designers may need to share their settings (Inventory and Analysis defaults) with colleagues and co-workers. This can save time and eliminate the need to 're-invent the wheel' when one user has already invested the effort in setting this up.

Share Analysis Settings Between User Accounts

To share your Analysis Settings, User A will simply send a BC Calc (bccx) file to another user and ask that they open the file, navigate to their Analysis Settings and click Save As User Defaults. More about sharing BCCX files here. User B will notice that their default settings inherit that which User A's file exhibited.

1. User A will select the settings they'd like to share with another user under Analysis Settings

Share an Inventory Scheme Between User Accounts

Inventory can be emailed between online ( users. Once a user has received a shared scheme from another, they can 'sync their User Data.' in BC Calc Offline Mode and have the 

Click the Share Scheme button icon.


Select the Scheme(s) to Email, then click Email.

NOTE: You may be asked by the browser if you'd like to leave the page. This is your browser detecting that the link references another application (email).


This should generate a new email with a link that can be sent to the other user. The user should be signed into when they click the link. Before the new scheme shows up in the Inventory menu, the user may need to sign out and sign in again, however in some cases the scheme may be available to use immediately.

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